Education and Training

We enable people to acquire knowledge, new skills and experience. Our primary focus lies in enhancing skills and paving the way for meaningful employment opportunities for our students.

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Accredited Training

Discover tailored qualifications, skill sets, and micro-credentials designed to meet industry needs and employer requirements through our Registered Training Organisation (RTO 40053).

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Flexible learning options

A free service provided by the Australian Government

You can access a comprehensive Flexible Learning Options (FLO) case management service combined with Alternative Learning Programs. Our dedicated team of Case Managers and Teachers is here to guide and support you as you pursue your educational goals.

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Employability Skills Training

Building lasting independence

Workforce Australia's Employability Skills Training (EST) program is designed to assist you in planning, engaging, and succeeding in your career. It aligns your passions, interests, and needs with employment prospects, providing essential guidance and training for a successful career journey.

Learner Support Services

We're committed to your success. Access personalized assistance through our Learner Support Services (LSS) designed to help you complete your training effectively and transition seamlessly into employment. Improve your study skills and receive the necessary support tailored to your educational journey.

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