27-Jun-2024 | Education & Training

Empowering Graduates: SYC and Playford Council’s New Work Experience Initiative


In an exciting collaboration, SYC and Playford Council have teamed up to launch a pilot program that offers SYC Hospitality and Barista graduates valuable work experience at the Playford Civic Centre.

On the 17th of June, the Civic Centre café was operated by our talented graduates, who showcased their expertise in the barista field.

This initiative is a fantastic opportunity for graduates to refine their skills and gain valuable industry experience. Employers will also benefit by connecting with trained and enthusiastic individuals eager to contribute to the hospitality sector.

A highlight of this collaboration was the operation of the Shedley Theatre Cafe during the Pure McCartney show. This event provided work experience for three newly trained baristas, who served coffees in exchange for a gold coin donation. All proceeds were directed to SYC's youth hub, The Foundry, making this initiative a double win for both our trainees and the community.

The baristas who participated gained valuable experience, setting a strong foundation for their future careers in the hospitality industry.

Wayne Johnstone, Head of Education and Training at SYC, expressed his gratitude for the collaboration describing it as an exceptional experience:

“This partnership exemplifies innovation and community spirit at its best. I cannot wait to see this initiative evolve and develop. A huge thanks to the Playford Council and all involved in supporting our graduates and hosting this project.”

He also commended Andrew Frangos and Vesna Thon from the Playford Council for their outstanding work in coordinating the event and the care they showed the graduates.

We look forward to this partnership's continued success and to the opportunities it will create for our graduates and the community.


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