23-Apr-2024 | Employment

Empowering Apprenticeships: SYC to Deliver Australian Apprenticeship Support Services


We are thrilled to announce that SYC has secured a significant role in transforming apprenticeships and bolstering employment opportunities in SA, VIC and QLD.

Today marks a milestone as we proudly share our success in being selected as a provider to deliver Australian Apprenticeship Support Services commencing July 1, 2024.

As a trusted partner in this federal government initiative, SYC will deliver a Generalist Support Service for all apprentices in South Australia. This service will support new apprentices of all backgrounds in beginning their careers and maintaining their apprenticeships while working with employers to find great people for their businesses. SYC will also provide a specialised support service for First Nations apprentices throughout South Australia, Queensland and Victoria.

‘We are committed to empowering individuals by facilitating skill development, fostering independence, and, ultimately, improving apprenticeship retention rates to maximise benefits for the individual as well the communities and industries they're engaged with,’ says Mark Hoffman-Davis, SYC CEO.

Drawing upon extensive experience in delivering Education, Training, Employment and Community Support Services, SYC stands uniquely positioned to make a lasting impact on apprentices and their employers.

With this experience in mind, Stacey Dutschke, SYC's Chief Operating Officer for Education and Employment, is confident in the organisation's ability to deliver an impactful, enhanced service for apprentices. ‘We are eager and fully equipped to boost real skills for real careers by working hands-on with apprentices and employers alike to provide tailored support and assistance so everyone can succeed and benefit.’

To support this new initiative, SYC will be actively involved in recruitment efforts across South Australia, Victoria, and Queensland. We warmly invite expressions of interest from passionate individuals who share our vision. From apprenticeship support and field officers to administrative support functions, we will have a diverse range of roles for those ready to make a meaningful difference.

Register your interest today:

  • Click here to express your interest in opportunities to deliver our Generalist Support Service in SA.
  • Click here to express your interest in opportunities to deliver our First Nations Specialist Support Service in SA, VIC or QLD.


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