02-Dec-2022 | Employment

The Sticking Together Project - A Year in Review


The Sticking Together Project is SYC’s evidence-based youth employment initiative. The Sticking Together Project pairs young job seekers with a dedicated coach over 60 weeks, giving young people the best chance of success when getting started and sticking to employment. From successful pilot programs in several states, the Sticking Together Project now operates across New South Wales, South East Queensland and South West Victoria, expanding and adapting to the needs of the young people, local governments, and community partners they work with.

In the 2021-22 Financial Year…

  • 597 young people were enrolled in the Sticking Together Project
  • 233 young people completed 60 weeks of employment coaching
  • One third of young people reported experiencing mental ill-health that affected their ability to get work
  • 106,687 hours in employment and employment-related activities

The Sticking Together Project was designed to address high youth unemployment and low job retention that has deleterious impacts on young people’s futures. Recognising that key drivers of youth unemployment are experiences of disadvantage and a lack of support and skills, the Sticking Together Project provides intensive coaching to young people, non-vocational skills development, and support to employers to improve young people’s engagement in work.

Program data has consistently shown that the program achieves vocational and non-vocational outcomes for young people. An evaluation of the Project conducted by QUT in 2018 found improved wellbeing and employability skills amongst participants, and additionally found greater employment outcomes amongst participants when compared with a comparison group.

When Simon* started with the Sticking Together Project, he was unemployed, didn’t know how to go about finding work and experienced poor self-esteem and anxiety. Simon described himself as feeling “lost”, and “not motivated.” His his parent said that:

“He lacked the ability to organise himself for job searching and didn’t even know how to apply for a job, he had never had a job that had lasted very long, had poor self-esteem, and did not interview very well.”

Throughout his engagement with the Sticking Together Project, Simon and his coach worked together on understanding and improving his wellbeing and building his employability skills.

Since his involvement in the Sticking Together Project, Simon has secured a full-time job, moved into his own home, and bought a car. Simon has reflected that he now feels healthier, confident, and excited about his future:

“I’ve become more reliable and learnt that I can do things by myself. I know if I work hard, I can build up my annual leave so I can take a holiday which I’m looking forward to.“

Reflecting on the most significant change in his life because of his involvement in the Sticking Together Project, Simon said:

“My skills have increased a lot at work. I have gained a promotion and sometimes train the new staff, which I would never have thought I would be capable of doing.

My wellbeing has increased…I feel a lot happier. I had really bad mental health before but feel better now that I have a purpose in life. “

In a thank you letter to the Sticking Together Project, Simon’s parent reflected:

“The transformation of Simon and his life in the time he has been with the Sticking Together Project, for me, is so rewarding and phenomenal. He is now so much happier, he knows what he needs to focus on and how to set goals so that he can keep moving forward. Thank you for everything you have done. “

*Pseudonyms are used


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