08-Aug-2022 | Justice Programs

SYC Community Garden – a place to cultivate skills


The Community Service Order Program is funded by The Government of South Australia.

For the last 21 years, we have been involved with the South Australian Youth Justice space, helping young people to create pathways for a positive future. We have learned that supporting young people to connect with the community and build skills for independence can make a big impact on both the individual and society.

Our Youth Justice programs centre on a holistic approach designed to promote self-reflection, skill development, and social responsibility. Our recently established Community Garden in northern Adelaide provides a place for this and so much more.

Young people participating in this project often face barriers, including housing instability and mental health. Through our interactions and activities like gardening, we provide opportunities for them to develop life skills and pursue independence.

The work that has been done by young people recently at SYC Community Garden


"It is a great community, caring, and honest staff. I have taken some life skills with me. I enjoy painting and garden work very much. Both were very relaxing and kept me busy whilst giving back to the community.

Our garden’s harvest is collected with enthusiasm and donated to Foodbank, Fred’s Van, and other community centres, contributing to people in need. Produce can also be taken home by the participants.

As a result, young people are able to experience a sense of community and pride in their efforts while learning about sustainability and nutrition."

Harvest collected by young people

Josh*, Community Service Order Program Participant:

If you would like to learn more about our Community Garden or are interested in sponsoring this program, please get in touch with [email protected] today.

* Name has been changed for anonymity.


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