27-Jun-2024 | Employment

Road to Success: Damian's Journey with Geared2Drive


At SYC, we're passionate about empowering individuals to achieve independence and secure meaningful employment. Our Geared2Drive program offers essential support for those seeking to obtain their driver's license, providing guidance, resources, and personalised lessons. The program is designed to increase participants independence and access to employment opportunities.

Geared2Drive has been instrumental in transforming lives, exemplified by success stories like Damian. Despite completing his Security Training and obtaining a Security Licence, Damian could not secure employment without a driver’s license. Thanks to the support of his instructor, Mahir, Damian successfully passed his driving test on the first attempt!

Reflecting on his journey, Damian shared,

“My driving lessons with Mahir were fantastic! His friendly and supportive nature, combined with practical teaching, made all the difference. I’m so thankful for his guidance.”

Damian’s success is just one of many. Geared2Drive has recently assisted eight other individuals to pass their driving tests on the first attempt, highlighting the program’s significant impact on participants’ lives.

We are proud to continue to support individuals such as Damian through Geared2Drive, enabling them to achieve their goals and unlock new employment opportunities.


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