SYC's Independent Housing Solutions (also known as HYPA Housing), supports young people aged 17 – 25 years who are experiencing, or are at-risk of homelessness, a safe and affordable semi-supportive housing option while they work towards moving into independent housing.

This extra support makes it easier for tenants to stay in work or engage in learning. Tenants leave HYPA Housing with a rental referral, improved living skills and a pathway into longer-term accommodation.

Housing security


Program model


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Housing security

HYPA Housing by SYC was developed in response to the lack of affordable housing for young people. It acknowledges the barriers that lock young people out of the private rental market, such as low rental vacancy rates, lack of rental experience or references and landlords who may discriminate against young people.
Challenges in finding a suitable rental increase a young person’s risk of continuing to couch surf, live in overcrowded conditions and ultimately find their way into homelessness.

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Make a referral

Tenants must be willing to:

• Live independently

• Engage with the HYPA Housing by SYC program and community standards

• Maintain 15 hours per week of education, training or employment

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Program model

Affordable rent

Guaranteed affordable rent, set at 30% of tenant income.

Working together

The Landlord and Community Coordinators consider all relevant factors and involve tenants in decision making processes, helping young people experience success in their tenancy. Young people at HYPA Housing by SYC are active members of the community, cooperating and contributing to the running of the housing complex.

Education and employment

Each tenant is supported to engage in at least 15 hours per week of study or work.

Mentoring and skill-development

Regular support to develop life skills such as budgeting, cooking, managing health and wellbeing, preparing for employment, car maintenance, cleaning and relating well to neighbours.

Good quality, well located housing

We believe people deserve clean, safe and functional homes that they are inspired to respect and maintain. Housing is located with easy access to support services, study and employment opportunities.

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