We’re here to help you make a plan that’s unique to you so you can achieve your work or study goals.

Workforce Australia – Transition to Work service supports young people aged 15-24 on their journey to enter employment or complete education.

What is Employability Skills Training?


Program Overview


Support for Employers


Using modern tools, methods of delivery and career pathway planning, we support participants’ skill and knowledge development to create a difference and competitive edge in today’s employment market. Our EST program:

- Facilitates on-site employer visits to provide participants with real-life experience to increase awareness of employer and industry expectations and exposure to a variety of employment pathways

- Provides one-on-one career development mentoring sessions throughout the program to assist in building a choice of suitable career pathways

- Supports the development of an in-depth tailored resume and Career Development Plan that is action-focused and provided to the participant and provider on completion of the program to guide future job search efforts

- Not only talks about job search strategies but integrates this through daily job search activity

Program Overview

Using a practical, hands-on, and interactive approach to delivery, this program aims to pave meaningful pathways to direct employment through the facilitation of:

  • Digital Literacy skills relevant to modern workplace technology and processes •
  • Navigating job search and application processes • Developing tailored resumes and applications in line with participants’ interests
  • Facilitated insights into the local job market, opportunities, and strategies to put our participants in front of employers
  • Interactive learning modules and skill development activities in work skills, resilience, career planning and self-marketing
  • Exploring and planning ongoing skill development through accredited VET pathways

Connecting our participants with local employers

SYC’s long-established presence in South Australia and extensive network means we can assist you in choosing a career path and connect with your local support network, employers and local industry to help achieve your goals.

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