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What is an apprenticeship?


An Australian Apprenticeship, also known as an apprenticeship or traineeship, opens a unique learning pathway that integrates paid on-the-job training and formal study with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). This comprehensive approach not only provides practical skills but also leads to attaining a nationally recognised qualification.

Completing an apprenticeship or traineeship equips individuals with a blend of practical skills and formal education, offering a compelling edge in the job market. This combination of hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge is highly valued by employers across diverse industries and professions.One of the key advantages of undertaking an Australian Apprenticeship is the support provided by the Australian government. This includes funding and other benefits aimed at assisting apprentices and trainees with the costs incurred during their training, making it a more accessible and financially viable option.

With over 500 occupations offering apprenticeship and traineeship pathways, ranging from Certificate II to Advanced Diploma levels, there is a wide array of opportunities available. These pathways encompass traditional trades as well as emerging occupations in various sectors of business and industry, providing a diverse range of options for aspiring apprentices and trainees.

An Australian Apprenticeship is open to school leavers, individuals re-entering the workforce, and adults seeking a career change. It's also possible to start an Australian Apprenticeship while completing secondary school through a School-based Apprenticeship arrangement.

You have the flexibility to choose between full-time, part-time, or a combination of both study options, allowing you to earn and learn simultaneously.


Apprenticeships are structured training programs typically lasting three and a half to four years. They involve practical work experience along with additional training provided by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Upon completion, you receive a nationally-recognized qualification and valuable on-the-job skills highly valued by employers.


Traineeships are agreements between a trainee and an employer where the employer undertakes to train the trainee in a particular industry, while the trainee agrees to work and learn.

These programs are open to individuals of all ages and typically span from nine to 48 months, depending on the chosen vocation and certificate level.

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