In this conversation:

Paul Edginton, CEO of national not-for-profit SYC, talks to Leigh McClusky about COVID-19, youth homelessness matters day and rising unemployment rates.

Young people were already experiencing high rates of unemployment before 2020 and are particularly vulnerable to losing work during this time. Youth homelessness is a hidden form of homelessness, and more prevalent than rough sleeping. What does this mean for people told to stay home or self-isolate if they don’t have a safe place to be? Is a motel room a good solution to homelessness for young people?

Paul talks about the other important supports young people need to thrive. Could the New South Wales rental subsidy scheme work in South Australia to help young people avoid homelessness, trauma and disadvantage?

HYPA Housing, a proven model for ending homelessness in South Australia, gives young people a stepping stone to a successful future.