On Wednesday April 15, HYPA’s Youth Leadership Team (YLT) held a premiere screening for their short film It Ends With Us, documenting a collection of young people’s experiences with youth homelessness as a part of National Youth Week. The event was held at Adelaide’s Mercury Cinema, with over 60 people in attendance, including the Shadow Minister for Youth, Rachel Sanderson MP, SYC’s CEO, Paul Edginton and SYC’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Gerrie Mitra.

It Ends With Us was created by the YLT as a part of National Youth Week, an Australian, State, Territory and Local Government initiative, which is held annually in April celebrating the contribution, diversity, achievements and views of young people across our nation. The YLT were fortunate to receive a grant from South Australia’s Office for Youth to undertake this project. Youth homelessness is an issue close to the YLT’s heart with many of our members having experienced or been at risk of experiencing homelessness.

This is why the YLT chose to create a short film on youth homelessness, and hold their film premiere on Youth Homelessness Matters Day. By creating It End’s With Us they hope they can give a voice to those who are usually silenced, challenge stigma that exists around youth homelessness and generate more conversation around the issue. Jessica Wright, Coordinator of HYPA’s Youth Leadership Team stated that “one of the main things that we (the YLT) wanted people to take away from the film is that homelessness is an experience, not a definition, homelessness shouldn’t define the person.”

It Ends With Us is available on SYC Ltd’s YouTube channel. The YLT asks you to not only watch their short film but also share it on social media with the #TwoFeet, as part of HYPA’s #TwoFeet campaign. HYPA’s #TwoFeet social media campaign aims to increase the visibility of youth homelessness in Australia.

Join HYPA and their YLT today in taking a stand against youth homelessness and assist young people to stand on their own #TwoFeet by sharing a shoefie (a selfie of your own shoes and/or feet) on social media with the #TwoFeet. HYPA and the YLT would like to thank everyone who attended the premiere screening of It Ends With Us for their support, and Rhys Jarrett from RawCut for volunteering his time to record and edit the film.

View the film below: