A dozen committed participants of the NSW Sticking Together Project were in attendance for the 9.30am start and it was encouraging to see them eager and involved throughout the two-day event.

The trainer has a rare quality of being able to balance the seriousness of his message with a light touch, which brought a lot of laughs to an important topic. He also highlighted the financial rewards of this line of work, which are generous and definitely above average, particularly if overtime options are factored in.  There’s definitely no shortage of opportunity for those keen to get a start.

Not to be taken lightly, the job of a traffic controller comes with great responsibility but it was clear from the presentation, it also offers great reward for those willing to give it a go and see through the training.  The training involves two days of intensive theory-based learning and assessment, followed by two more weeks of practical, on-the-job training experience and a short, very do-able examination to wrap it up.

Given the amount of road and construction works in the pipeline in NSW right now, it’s hard not to see these guys faced with lots of work choices in the very near future.

Participants were taken through the essentials of Workplace Health and Safety, manual handling, Personal Protective Equipment, work environments and employer expectations.

This was a great introduction to the world of traffic control for the Sticking Together Project participants and they all walked away proud recipients of a formal RTO and NSW Transport Services endorsed Certificate in Traffic Control.

Sticking Together Project coach and manager with traffic control trainer