A group of young Melbourne job seekers recently participated in a career preparation day including a work place tour of popular Georges Restaurant in Camberwell and a resume dropping session in local restaurants.

The tour was the first of its kind to be conducted by HYPA Victoria and it was an opportunity to show young people interested in a career in hospitality the workings of a running restaurant and to encourage them to take a proactive approach in their job hunting quest.

The day was a success with the young people learning a lot about the industry and different roles within it and becoming more confident approaching prospective employees. One of the participants, Jordan has always been interested in working in hospitality and valued the ‘real world’ experience.

“Attending the Work Place Tour and Resume Drop Day made me really want to work in a restaurant because I saw what the environment was like and the people working there looked really happy.

“I also found a couple of good opportunities while dropping resumes to the cafes in the area. I felt quite anxious at the start, but as I kept doing it, it became a lot easier. I feel I got a lot out of the day and it was good fun,” he said.

Work Ready Coach Mario is excited by the young people’s feedback from the day and wants to implement regular Work Place tours to create more employment opportunities for job seekers. He said that the participants all enjoyed the day and each seemed to get something different out of it.

“For some job seekers being in a work environment sparked or reignited their drive to work, for others it reinforced their interest in a Hospitality career. Our job seekers asked a lot of great questions which was a golden opportunity to learn from the highly skilled employees of Georges Restaurant.

“We were absolutely blown away by their generosity and willingness to assist young people in their careers. They were impressed by the presentation and the interest shown by our job seekers and they have asked us to put forward candidates for 3 upcoming positions.

We look forward to finding employers across different industries and doing more events like this with them in the future,” he said.

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