Yasir is a well-known identity in North Western Melbourne, both for his history of supporting many local job seekers into employment, and also for the array of volunteering roles he undertakes to support refugees in the community.

As ParentsNext Team Leader in Cragieburn, over 80 per cent of Yasir’s clients are migrants and he is passionate about providing them with skills and confidence that will support their successful integration into the community.

“I take my own experience of immigrating to Australia and also the insight I get in my various volunteer roles to support and advocate for others,” Yasir said.

“A lot of our clients come from a variety of backgrounds, some very traumatic, so it is very important they get the right support and connect with appropriate community groups to help them successfully integrate into the community and start working towards finding sustainable employment,” he said.

Over Yasir’s seven years with SYC, he has learnt to speak fluently in five languages, which allows him to form a closer connection with clients, and better understand their situation.

“When I speak to someone in their native language, I see them physically relax in their seat,” Yasir said.

“I am able to make a better connection with clients and ultimately we are able to achieve better outcomes for them. I am a big believer in building relationships with our clients and then together we work on planning their futures, it is a team effort,” he said.

Before moving into employment services Yasir had studied both a Bachelor and a Master of Engineering and was planning a career in the industry.

“Whilst I was studying and looking for work as an engineer I volunteered in multiple community organisations and I loved the experience of supporting others and the positive impact you could have sharing your experience and expertise.

“I realised engineering wasn’t my passion and this lead me to start a successful and enjoyable career with SYC. I actively volunteer today in many capacities, most recently as an advisor for the Victorian Government on the creation and implementation of a Racism Action Awareness Plan,” he said.

Over the years, Yasir has received many accolades for his commitment to supporting people and the community including; Australian Muslims Young Role Model of the Year, African Australian Champion of the year (Community Services) and National Employment Consultant of the Year.

SYC’s Director of Work, Mark Hoffman-Davis, is impressed by Yasir’s relentless passion to help clients succeed on their journey into sustainable employment.

“It is through the passion and commitment shown by employees, like Yasir, that SYC can achieve such outstanding outcomes for our clients,” Mark said.

“Yasir’s ability to build relationships, mentor and connect with community groups is remarkable. He has supported countless clients to build successful careers, to open businesses, and also to overcome personal barriers stopping them from entering the workforce and I commend him for this,” Mark said.