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We provide a range of recruitment and training services, tailored to the needs of employers and the labour market, with proven results.

Attracting and retaining the right employees can be a challenge. As an employment services provider, we have over two decades of experience matching work-ready candidates with suitable positions.

Our free service gives you access to professional employment consultants who:

  • Understand the local market and have access to a pool of potential employees
  • Are available to meet with you to establish your recruitment needs and source, screen and present candidates who meet those needs
  • Can work with you on an ongoing basis to develop a full and accurate understanding of your business
  • Are fully informed about the wage incentives and subsidies that are available to employers and establishing whether or not you’re eligible
  • Can support you and your new recruits during the initial months of employment to ensure they settle in well

Special support through Disability Employment Services

We have a deep understanding of our clients’ abilities and career goals, which means we can guarantee employers will receive motivated and job ready applicants, with the right mix of skills and training. Our commitment doesn’t stop once a vacancy is filled. SYC offers ongoing post-placement support for employers and new staff members to ensure success and satisfaction.

Services for Employers include:

  • Access to funding for workplace modifications and other relevant government subsidies
  • A good match with a Participant who has a real interest in the job and your business
  • Ongoing support and training so the young person remains productive, fits in and can meet the requirements of the role
  • Staff development through disability awareness training
  • Help tailoring existing jobs so they are suitable for a person with disability
  • Access to specialised interpreter services

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