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Recruiting new staff is an important but time-consuming job for any organisation. Getting it right saves time and money and increases productivity. But getting it wrong is costly and unproductive.

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Jonathon Participant and his employer working as mechanics

DES is an employment service funded by the Australian Government that offers recruitment support to employers at no cost.  DES stands for Disability Employment Services.

What does DES offer employers?

DES offers employers time and money saving support in the recruitment of high-quality people.  This support is provided by organisations that are authorised to offer DES services.  They are commonly referred to as DES Providers.

Providers work very closely with employers to understand their business and the particular vacancies available at any given time.  The aim is to find a great match between what the employer is looking for and the DES participant put forward for interview.

See more about the Job Prospects DES program here.

DES Providers also work with participant job seekers to identify the most suitable type of work for them.  They support them in preparing for work, including specific training, if required.   Providers offer participants a lot of support to make sure they’re work-ready and to help them find work.

All of this support is provided at no cost to the employer.  In fact, sometimes wage subsidies can be granted to employers of DES participants.  Providers can provide support to help organise these for you.

What can employers expect at Job Prospects?

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And there’s more

The support doesn’t stop once a DES participant has been appointed.  Providers continue to offer support after your new employee starts their new role.   This aims to ensure your new employee is adapting well and performing their role to your expectations.

Providers can also offer support in organising and funding workplace adjustments, if required.  In addition, they’re there to provide guidance on how to get the best out of your new employee.

For employers, the benefits are many.  Well prepared, screened and trained employees who are productive, loyal and committed are only the beginning.  Extra financial support plus guidance on making the appointment a success adds further value.

If you’re an employer and would like to access the DES service to help with recruitment, call us now.  We will work quickly to understand your business and your recruitment needs – and to find someone suitable for your needs.

Job Prospects’ Business Development Consultants can help make recruitment easy. 

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