At SYC we believe sustained work is a major contributor to long-term independence and prosperity, for individuals, their families and the broader community.

Having more Australians in work allows individuals to be self-determined in the decisions they make about their life, their future and be active contributors to the community.

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In SYC’s early years, there was clear evidence through the multiple youth engagement programs being delivered, that a formalised employment program was needed to support young people to find and sustain employment. Further to this, our experience showed us that employment was a key factor in supporting a young person on their path to long-term independence and prosperity and it was an area that SYC was passionate about expanding upon and incorporating as a core aspect of the organisation going forward.

Economic downturn and significant shifts in public policy relating to the labour market during the 1980’s and 1990’s, resulted in changes to the Commonwealth Government’s Commonwealth Employment Service (CES). As a result they sought the private sector to provide employability skill support in parallel to their service, which SYC delivered. By 1998, the CES was fully privatised, providing further opportunities for SYC to support more clients of all ages into work. This has been a fundamental aspect of our operations since.

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From working with a few thousand clients annually during the 1990’s, by 2007 SYC worked with 10,000 clients over the financial year, which jumped again to 32,000 in 2011. In our 60th year of operations we will work with over 62,000 Australians in 60 locations around Australia, representing over 50 per cent growth in just over 10 years.

SYC has actively sought to support clients with greater barriers to secure and maintain employment, including young people, those with disability and people who are long-term unemployed. In 2018 we know that for every $1 of government funding invested in SYC Working services, SYC provides a return to the community of $8.69.

Please find a timeline below of the evolution of employment services delivered by SYC throughout our history.

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1967 - The JET Scheme
Later renamed renamed Skill Maintenance Programme (SMP), supported young people into predominantly clerically focused employment opportunities.
1976 - Unemployed Young Peoples Volunteer Bureau
Completely new but related service was developed – Unemployed Young Peoples Volunteer Bureau (known as ACTION) sought to match unemployed young people with community services volunteering opportunities. Allowing participants to build employability skills and a work history, making them more appealing to employers.
1980 - Increased demand for support
By the 1980’s, with a slowing Australian economy, need for employment services support grew for the young people accessing SYC’s services. Both the SMP and ACTION programmes grew and evolved. SMP moved to new premises on Currie Street, Adelaide, and provided courses in health, nutrition, exercise, dental hygiene, amongst others.  
1990 - SYC becomes a SkillShare provider
SYC becomes a provider of the Commonwealth Government’s SkillShare contract, offering community-based assistance for disadvantaged young people, the long-term unemployed and others with multiple barriers to employment.
1983 - ACTION program success
1983 the ACTION program had grown so much, it was annexed off from SYC and became an independently led program, although SYC clients were still referred into the programme. 
1995 - SkillShare expands
SYC expands its SkillShare delivery by amalgamating with a number of smaller SkillShare providers, including Job Prospects SkillShare – establishing SYC’s employment services division, Job Prospects.
2000 - Job Network
SYC, through employment services division, Job Prospects, begins delivering the Commonwealth Government’s newly privatised employment services contract, Job Network.
2009 - Job Prospects wins Commonwealth employment services
Job Prospects wins Commonwealth employment services contracts in Adelaide, regional South Australia and Melbourne.
2012 - Personal Helpers and Mentors
 SYC becomes a PHaMs (Personal Helpers and Mentors) Employment Services provider, supporting people dealing with mental health issues, undertake an employment pathway.
2013 - Disability Employment Services
SYC begins delivering the Commonwealth Government’s Disability Employment Services contract in South Australia and in Blacktown, NSW, opening our first office in NSW.
2014 - HYPA Works
HYPA Works begins (including social media entrepreneurial program, Bizifyd), providing on the job training, leading to employment and self-employment opportunities. 
2014 - Introducing My First Job
SYC launches the My First Job initiative, with website and public campaign to encourage greater community awareness and conversation about youth employment.

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2015 - My First Job Working Groups
SYC leads the My First Job Working Group process, bringing together Government, Corporate and not-for-profit sectors to build an Australian youth employment framework.

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2015 - Job Prospects expands
Job Prospects expands employment services contract supporting more job seekers in Adelaide, regional South Australia and across Melbourne, including the Mornington Peninsula, and becomes the 5th biggest jobactive provider in Australia.
2016 - ParentsNext
ParentsNext is an Australian Government initiative that supports parents of young children in preparing for future employment. SYC is a ParentsNext provider, helping parents to set and achieve their employment goals.

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2016 - Transition to Work
SYC begins delivering the new Commonwealth Government’s Transition to Work youth employment contract in SA and VIC.

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2017 - Sticking Together Project
Sticking Together Project begins, as an outcome of the My First Job framework.

2017 - Get Into

SYC partnered with Prince’s Trust International (PTI) to deliver the ‘Get Into’ youth employment pilot program in Australia for the first time.

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2018 - Continued Expansion
SYC expands our Disability Employment Services delivering in South Australia, Victoria and News South Wales, along with opening our first office in Queensland for the ParentsNext contract.

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Over the years the organisation has researched, developed and integrated multiple different employment models to meet the needs of the community and economic times. Work will continue to be an important focus of what we do, as a crucial means to support people to achieve their independence.