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Our Youth Leadership Team is comprised of current and past clients who ensure that young people’s voices and needs are heard and reflected throughout the organisation.

The Youth Leadership Team (YLT), established in 2014, works with SYC to ensure young people’s voices are heard and reflected within SYC and its initiatives. The YLT model is influenced by the Youth Advisory Council model, which provides young people with a voice in policy development at local and state government levels.

Since 2014, the YLT have also been involved in events, fundraising and volunteering to support our programs as well as members actively working towards completing the Duke of Edinburgh Award. The YLT meets monthly and through a  process of youth participation, members shape the direction of the group by suggesting activities and projects.

YLT Events and Activities:

The YLT organises and participates in a variety of events and activities related to HYPA, here are some examples of recent events and activities:

  • HYPA Amazing Race
  • Team bonding day
  • YLT Cookbook Project
  • HYPA’s Bronze Level Duke of Edinburgh Award Adventurous Journey
  • HYPA’s Quiz Night
  • “It Ends With Us,” a short film documenting a collection of young people’s experiences with youth homelessness made as a part of National Youth Week and Youth Homelessness Matters Day in 2015. The film was premiered on April 15 at Adelaide’s Mercury Cinema.

Youth Leadership Team

  You’re invited to join if you are:

  • aged 18-25 years,
  • engaging or previously engaged in SYC services and
  • willing to apply for a DCSI clearance.

What’s in it for you?

  • Increase your education and employment opportunities
  • Have fun and be involved with innovative young people
  • Plan and run events
  • Make a difference in your community


Here’s what some current YLT members have to say about their experiences:


I joined the YLT to give back to HYPA because they gave so much to me.


I like that it’s a leadership position that’s mutually respected… everyone has a voice… it’s quite unique.


It’s a way for me to leave a positive impact.


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