We aim to build and optimise the capacity of the people we support by enabling them to improve their overall wellbeing – through finding safety in stable housing, becoming involved in structured learning, entering employment and participating in their community.

Resilient staff have high capacity to thrive through a changing environment and to maintain strength and positivity in their delivery of services to people who seek our support.

Part of achieving this for our staff and for the people we work with, is the development of a Resilience and Wellbeing Framework that informs our practice development and our internal HR policies and initiatives.

For the people we work with, we use the Personal Resilience Survey (PRS), which measures their resilience and wellbeing as a benchmark when we first work with them, and provides ongoing measures of how they’re progressing.  This forms an important part of our Impact and Outcomes Measurement process, and informs our ongoing practice development.

Resilience and Wellbeing Framework


Our aim is for all our front-line employees to be trained in positive psychology to firstly enable them to strengthen their own resilience and wellbeing, and ultimately to then apply and pass on those learnings to the people they deliver services to.

The development of the Resilience and Wellbeing Framework is an ongoing program with SYC and underpins everything we do.