Reward Courage: Passion and commitment are crucial to success

Volunteers are an integral part of SYC’s service delivery and a member of our current team recently completed his 400th hour of supervised driving sessions with the Geared2Drive program.

Tony began volunteering five years ago after he retired as a way to keep himself busy. He was attracted to work with Geared2Drive as he enjoys both driving and mentoring and he liked the idea of helping young people become independent in their lives.

“I love seeing the young people I help to drive transform from the first time they get into the car, to the time they obtain their licence,” Tony said.

“They become more confident in themselves, which transfers to other parts of their lives. I particularly like working with refugees as I get to hear about their heritage and culture, and the countries they come from.”

“By me sharing just a few hours of my time each week it is giving young people an opportunity they would have otherwise not had and I am proud to be a part of their journey,” he said.

Learner drivers are required by law to undertake 75 hours of supervised driving before they can obtain their provisional licence, but not all young people have access to a licensed adult with a car. This is a major barrier to many young people gaining their driver’s licence, which holds them back in other parts of their lives including working, studying, relationships etc. Tony’s 400 hours of volunteering has allowed a number of young people to not only get their licence, but move forward in these other aspects of their lives.

Thanks Tony on behalf of SYC and all the young people you’ve helped along the way!