When Trevor was released from prison, he wasn’t met by a friend or family member. Instead, a Navigator Case Worker was there to help him on his way.

The Navigator service supports people throughout their release from prison, as they transition back to daily life. During the 12 weeks of post-release support, a case worker provides one-to-one assistance with things like housing, employment, training and upholding release conditions. Having help to navigate this crucial time is designed to increase a person’s stability and prosperity, and reduce the likelihood of offending in the future.

Trevor’s case worker took him directly to Housing SA to complete paperwork and collect his bond. SYC had arranged temporary accommodation to suit his needs. He was also provided with a food hamper, linen and a charged metrocard.

He met with his case worker the following day, where they attended his Community Corrections appointment and then engaged with Job Prospects. Our employment services team were able to link him with a suitable local employer to start work almost immediately. The team were also able to provide the personal protective equipment he needed for his new job.

Throughout his involvement in the Navigator Service, Trevor has made significant strides in his successful reintegration back into the community.

Trevor’s strong work ethic soon allowed him to gain full-time hours. With a stable income, his case worker was able to support him to find a private rental closer to his workplace. When he moved from his temporary accommodation, he showed great professionalism, providing 2 weeks’ notice and leaving his room in an immaculate condition.

Trevor no longer requires welfare benefits, has purchased a car and is enjoying his independence. His willingness to make changes and commit to regular engagement with his case manager has seen him well prepared for a brighter future.

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