Jayden came to the Sticking Together Project having completed Year 10 and with a Vocational Certificate in Aviation Maintenance Engineering. 19 years old, with minimal work experience and without a clear vision of the future, Jayden needed to work on setting some goals and strengthening his “soft skills.” For Jayden, this meant developing his communication, teamwork, organisation, and self-awareness.

James began his work as Jayden’s Coach by exploring Jayden’s perspective of what his skill levels were. They worked to understand what soft skills meant to him and in turn, what they may mean to an employer. Together they set some goals to help Jayden further develop and address gaps in his skillset.

Jayden has a passion for cars, having been taught by his father from a young age how to repair engines. One of his goals became to find work experience as a mechanic. Through the Sticking Together Project’s Relationship Manager, Jayden was able to begin a work placement with the Shoalhaven City Council Mechanical Depot for two weeks, helping him to gain experience, detailed knowledge of potential apprenticeship opportunities and a relationship with the key supervisor.

The work placement was a positive experience for Jayden leading him to apply for a Heavy Vehicle Mechanic apprenticeship role with the council. James and the Sticking Together Project Relationship Manager proactively supported Jayden throughout the role’s complex recruitment process. A reflection of his great application and effort, Jayden progressed to the final stages however, unfortunately, narrowly missed out on being offered the position.

Despite feeling disappointed, Jayden and James were able to use the feedback from his work placement supervisors to constructively reflect on the learning experience. One of Jayden’s key takeaways from the placement was a better sense of self-awareness and a focus on building his teamwork skills.

James worked with Jayden to make sure he was ready to bounce back, so that when Jayden was offered another opportunity to do a second work placement with Sussex Inlet Mechanical Services, he jumped at it. Luckily, he did as he was then offered an apprenticeship position.

Throughout this process, James has worked with Jayden’s jobactive provider to arrange support to cover the costs of fuel, uniforms, and some living expenses when he first started work. This support alongside a continued focus on Jayden’s wellbeing and confidence has helped to ensure the best start to his employment journey.

Jayden is now on his way to a sustainable career as an automotive mechanic and will be supported by his Coach until the end of the 60 week Sticking Together Coaching period. James continues to make face to face contact with Jayden and his employer through weekly visits to the workplace to ensure the apprenticeship progresses successfully.

Jayden pictured with his Sticking Together Program Coach and his employer standing in front of his work,
Pictured: Jayden, his Coach James and Jayden’s employer.