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The Career Grit Project supports young people in discovering and pursuing their employment goals.

This project focuses on young people’s strengths, establishing personal values and using these as a basis for resilience, planning and exploring future pathways towards employment. The project utilises the PERMA+ framework to foster an environment of individualised coaching, mentoring and learning. Over 26 weeks, Career Grit helps young people find their way forward through one-on-one coaching, group workshops and activities, and engagement with individually relevant employers, industry groups, training providers and other relevant organisations and services.

This program is designed for young people aged 15-24 who:

  • Are looking to find a career path and require support to pursue their goals
  • Want to learn more about a particular job or industry
  • Require support to grow confidence and resilience
  • Feel stuck or are unsure where to start when thinking about their career

Career Grit is delivered at The Foundry by SYC, our youth skills hub in the Adelaide CBD. SYC provides a range of services, programs and activities at The Foundry to help young people learn the necessary skills to build lasting independence. Find out more here. 

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Career Grit Referral Form

If you or a young person you know wants to get involved with Career Grit please complete this form or get in touch with the team at (08) 8405 8540.


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This program received grant funding from the Australian Government’s National Careers Institute.

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