Paul Edginton joined SYC in 2002 as consultant General Manager to establish and develop SYC’s registered training offerings.

He joined with the original intention of staying for 12 months to build a strong framework. Sixteen years later he is still with SYC, fourteen years at the helm as Chief Executive Officer.

“I’m extremely passionate about the work SYC does and the people we help. Every year we are growing and having greater impact and I am excited about what the future will bring for SYC and being a part of that,” he said.

We have seen a massive expansion in service delivery and growth under Paul’s leadership. When he joined in 2002, we worked with 2,000 South Australian clients, with a revenue of around $7 million, and less than 100 employees. Today, more than 61,000 clients are supported annually, across four Australian states, with a revenue of $68 million and 580 staff nationally.

 “I love that SYC has evolved to a point where we are public policy instigators, advising on best practice client services, rather than just a contract deliverer,” Paul said.

“It’s SYC’s leadership in innovation, developing successful client centric service delivery that sets itself apart and I am so thankful and proud of the amazing team of colleagues I work with who show amazing vision and dedication for our services,” he said.

Innovative service delivery models developed by SYC include:

HYPA Housing; a transitional independent living program.

HYPA Homes; a specialist residential care model taking a therapeutic approach for young people under the Guardianship of the Minister.

The Sticking Together Project; an intensive youth employment coaching model.

All these programs have a common theme of supporting young people to transition to independence and prosperity, a cause that Paul is passionate about.

paul young people 2006

Paul Edginton pictured in a 2006 publication alongside some of the young people supported by SYC.


At the 2017 HYPA Boileau Gala Quiz Night, Paul was awarded SYC’s Lifetime Supporter Award for his longstanding commitment to the organisation and his dedication to improving the lives of the people that we work with. The award was presented by SYC’s Chair of the Board, Mr David Hallett. David has been continually impressed by Paul’s passion and commitment to the organisation and its clients.

“Paul is an outstanding leader. We’re very proud and extremely fortunate to have him as the CEO of SYC,” David said.

“Paul is very passionate and committed to the evolution of SYC, and as we celebrate our 60th birthday, I am excited about what the future brings for SYC under Paul’s leadership,” he said.

Paul believes that reaching 60 years of operations is a significant milestone for SYC.

“Celebrating 60 years has allowed us to look back over our history, to see the growth and impact we have achieved and celebrate that,” Paul said.

“We have also seen that the way we work – focusing on the individual, taking a strengths based approach to helping people that we care about to live their best lives – is still at the heart of the work we began 60 years ago,” he said.

Paul is excited about the organisation’s future and the potential for technology to improve the inclusion and opportunities for Australians in need. He feels SYC is currently just “scratching the surface” of opportunities for expanding and having greater impact across the country.