Lifetime Supporter Awards

Our Lifetime Supporter Award acknowledges those people who make significant contributions to SYC. We would like to congratulate the 2020 recipients of this award: Andrew Gardiner, Liz O’Connell, Kirsten Sandstrom and Scott Whitmore.

Andrew Gardiner

Andrew has seen our employment services through considerable growth and change since he began as an Area Manager in 2001. His current role as State Operations Manager across South Australia and New South Wales entails leading over 200 staff in 5 different contracts. Andrew receives the Lifetime Supporter Award in recognition of his continued dedication to excellence in SYC’s endeavors in finding people work. Andrew has played almost every role possible throughout the evolution of employment services and has always shown a loyal dedication to SYC’s role in Commonwealth Employment Services.

I honestly believe that the organisation has given me as much as I have given it over the years.”

Andrew Gardiner

Liz O’Connell

Liz began at SYC in 2005 as a Receptionist at Job Prospects Port Adelaide. She has held a number of roles across youth justice, alternative learning, program management and youth advocacy. Now an Executive Director with responsibility for Housing, Justice and Disability services, Liz has a strong focus on quality of practice. When you ask Liz why she joined SYC you will hear a story of someone completely focussed on finding the right place to deliver the kind of outcomes Liz can affect. Liz has dedicated her career to the development of SYC’s practice to be the leader that it is. Liz demonstrates a quietly spoken resolve but relentless belief in her work.

Kirsten Sandstrom

With a background in law, Kirsten has brought considerable expertise and tenacity to her work at SYC. Starting in 2004 as a Senior Research Officer, Kirsten has also been a leader across youth justice, homelessness and learning services, before taking her current role as Head of Home and Housing. Kirsten gives every ounce of her professional energy to making a better world for young people. A fierce advocate for improved service, improved funding and better understanding of the issues that affect young people, Kirsten has remained loyal to SYC’s Mission despite the frustration that inevitably accompanies the work advocating for young Australians.

Scott Whitmore

Scott started with SYC in 2000 as General Manager, Job Prospects. With a knack for relationships and a passion for the community, Scott has worked in business development, fundraising and partnership roles in all parts of the organisation. Now as Business Development Manager for South Australia, Scott finds and creates opportunities to achieve great outcomes for jobseekers and employers alike. Scott’s larger than life approach inspires people to think positively about SYC and the work it does. Scott exudes enthusiasm, kindness, loyalty and dedication as well as a broader sense of service to the community. Scott has worked at SYC through the highs and lows of its journey and is part of the fabric of SYC.

When I first started at SYC it was still a passionate organisation. Everybody was very was diligent in the work that we did but I guess the surroundings and the professionalism of the business have gone to the next level and that’s been really enjoyable to see.”

Scott Whitmore

Service Awards

We would like to acknowledge the following Service Award recipients for their ongoing contributions to SYC:

5 years’ service

Truc Huynh, Bianca O’Neill, Joanne Farrugia, June Cambridge, Sonya Muscat, Toyah Newman, Danny Mamoto, Karen Simmons, Brooke Dunlop, Troy Mayes, Sandy McAllister, Milo Tui, Carie Dawes, Melissa Monaghan, Tamara Ridley, Antonietta Blackwood, Samantha Perre, Christine Cox, Jerry Diner, Michelle Nguyen, Lillian Boulos, Simon Matthews, Sharon Chater, Anila Mustafovska, Elizabeth Flaherty, Tara Carter, Wafa Abdul-Rahim, Ian Callaghan, Janette Sturge, Mansoor Ilyas, Bronwynne Macilai, Joshua Siegal, Ben Giacomantonio, Rose Romeo, Karen Simpson, Trudy Thorne, Dominic Kearney, Amanda Carter, Terry Nathan, Bridget Dowling, De-Arna Lattin, Mary Habkouk, Tammea Bunce, Tiyen Mansfield, Emma Hoppenbrouwers, Daniel Culleton, Lily Zang, Kristin Soyland, Amy Reid, Dymek Segal, Kara Parrington, Chloe Gullickson, Kara Paredes, Kim Tran, Maureen Duffy, Melissa Carey, Tanya Silva, Trudie Moretti.

10 years’ service

 Maryam Younan, Angela Asrawe, Jamie Ryan, Anne Selva, Seona Eckermann, Anna Mihailidis, Susan Haskins, Elise Wright, Julie Nemet, Kim Baker, Kathy Pavlis, Ben Siro, Quentin Rendell Lee.

15 years’ service

 Liz O’Connell

20 years’ service

Scott Whitmore

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