The 2014 Sunday Mail City-Bay was held on Sunday the 21st of September, and SYC was well represented with just over 100 participants running or walking in #TeamHYPA. We were joined by HYPA’s Youth Leadership Team who walked alongside SYC employees, families and friends, which was great to see.

This year City-Bay was not only about increasing brand awareness, for the first time we utilised the event as a fundraising opportunity for HYPA Housing with our #TwoFeet campaign. Over $6,500 was raised, with twenty-three people registered to fundraise – an excellent outcome for SYC!

After the race #TeamHYPA were able to celebrate their achievements and relax at our tent located at Wrigley Reserve. Here we held a complimentary BBQ for #TeamHYPA participants thanks to the six volunteers who generously donated their time to organise and set up the village site, thank you all for your hard work.

Our 2014 City-Bay efforts were the largest thus far, and in 2015 we hope to further develop the event. Thank you to everyone who participated on the day, generously donated to #TeamHYPA and raised money for HYPA Housing.


Team HYPA mascots Nicole and Meagan


SYC City to Bay