In 1999 Trace-A-Place had the opportunity to send two clients on a four day South Australian cruise aboard the Falie, and Connie was very excited to be offered to partake in the nautical experience.

Swimming with dolphins, casting sails in the wind and watching sunsets over the ocean was the perfect distraction Connie needed from her unstable life at that time.

“When I was asked by Trace-A-Place if wanted to go on the Falie, it was like being given the best present in the world,” Connie said.

“I was not in a good place at that time and this was such an uplifting, positive experience and an opportunity to be carefree and just act my age,” she said

Connie was provided with the appropriate clothing and accessories for the trip and she was excited to learn the workings of the historic boat.

 “I had very minimal belongings and was overjoyed when TAP provided me with a wind jacket, clothing, bathers and personal items of my own to take, it meant so much,” Connie said.

“At the start of the trip I knew nothing about sailing, but by the end I was pretty knowledgeable.

“Without a doubt this trip is the best memory I have of that time of my life,” she said.

With support from SYC and other organisations Connie has gone on to lead a happy, successful and independent life. Today, she has framed photographs of the trip on her mantelpiece to remind herself of her once in a lifetime experience.