With the focus on jobs and growth this election as well as the #VoteHome campaign we thought now was the perfect time to reveal the results from our Impact Discovery Project. The Impact Discovery Project reviewed the positive outcomes and impacts we have achieved in northern Adelaide in the three years from 2012 to 2014 and is headlined by a $21,000,000 benefit through helping people avoid long term unemployment and a $27,000,000 benefit by helping young people transition away from homelessness.

Since 2001, SYC has supported people in northern Adelaide’s cities of Playford and Salisbury and the town of Gawler. Playford is ranked in Australia’s highest 4 percent of disadvantage for education and occupation in the Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas published by the ABS. We deliver a range of services in northern Adelaide including job finding, work readiness, training, education and housing, especially for young people, and we wanted to quantify the economic and social impact of our work in this region.We used the Impact Discovery Project to do this and the full findings of this review are presented in the infographic below:

Northern Adelaide Impact

We are particularly proud of the benefits our HYPA Housing program provides to our young people and the community. For an investment of just $15,000 per young person per year we have provided 59 previously homeless young people safe, stable and affordable housing in our 22 apartments located in northern Adelaide. In turn this reaps a lifetime benefit of $457,000 per person or $27,000,000 total by increasing the income benefits of education and reducing the future costs of housing, health and justice services. This is why HYPA Housing is one of the cornerstones of our #TwoFeet campaign because it provides a long term, sustainable benefit to the young person and helps them to achieve independence.

Our footprint in northern Adelaide is growing with the ParentsNext and Transition to Work contracts and we look forward to continuing to deliver a range of services in northern Adelaide that positively affect the lives of people in need and revisiting our Impact Discovery Project to show the ongoing benefits of our work in the region.