ParentsNext participant Cassandra has a passion for horticulture and dreams of a career in the industry. However, she was unable to accept a three year traineeship as she didn’t have her driver’s license.

Cassandra is a mother of two young children and is partaking in the ParentsNext program to upskill herself and prepare for a career as her children are getting close to school age. As part of the program she has attained her learner’s permit, completed a Certificate II in construction and undertaken work experience, which lead to her being offered the traineeship.

Cassandra’s support officer, Heather, contacted the Geared2Drive team from HYPA to see if they could support Cassandra’s quest to get her probationary License. Together they were able to organise $350 funding from the 2016 HYPA #TwoFeet Holiday Appeal to cover five accredited driving lessons so she is eligible for supervised driving hours with Geared2Drive.

Heather has been impressed by Cassandra’s motivation to succeed and wants her to be rewarded for her hard work.

“She has shown fierce commitment and determination to her studies and work experience knowing that it’s on the right path to obtaining the job of her dreams and I want to do everything I can to help her get the traineeship.

“Cassandra needs to have her L plates for a minimum of 12 months at which time she can obtain her probationary license and begin her role. She has overcome so many barriers that affect parents including childcare, transport issues, financial restraints and it will be so nice for her to enjoy this happy ending,” Heather said.

Cassandra is about to start her first driving lesson and is excited about the independence she and her family will get from having a job and her driver’s license.

“Thank you so much for the generosity and the support I have received, it would’ve been so hard for me to do this on my own.

“I am excited to be getting my license, which is going to allow me to start my traineeship in a job I love. It is going to really help me support my children and provide them with their needs.

“I hope to buy a car one day which will be great for getting us all around and not having to rely on public transport or family,” Cassandra said.