Scott Whitmore, Program Facilitator, from SYC with Maddy Kavanagh, Project Manager, from Prince’s Trust International
SYC is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Prince’s Trust International to improve youth employment in Australia.

The Get Into Programme is designed to help young people who are unemployed to develop sector-specific employability skills, vocational skills and real world work experience to ultimately get them into jobs.

In order to deliver the pilot, Prince’s Trust International has seconded Project Manager Maddy Kavanagh from the UK, who is pleased to be expanding the program further internationally.

“The Prince’s Trust has supported more than 18,000 young people in the UK through the Get into program over the last 10 years, it is fantastic to be bringing the program to young people in Australia.

“SYC is an organisation that shares the same core values as The Prince’s Trust and is committed to tackling youth unemployment,” she said.

SYC Chief Executive Officer, Paul Edginton said the partnership will provide great value not only to the young people involved, but to the employers, staff and the community too.

“Piloting Prince’s Trust International Get Into Programme in Adelaide will provide an invaluable learning opportunity for both organisations to gain an insight into how one another tackle the issue of youth unemployment,” he said.

SYC is currently engaging with employers across a range of industry sectors including Aged Care, Retail and Hospitality to deliver 2-6 training programs giving entry-level work skills to young people seeking to gain employment.

Participating employers are committing to a pre-determined number of training places and job opportunities, coupled with guaranteed job interviews for all trainees involved.

The Australian Get Into Pilot Programme is funded through the support of Prince’s Trust International, Prince’s Charities Australia and SYC, aiming to achieve 50 training completions and 25 job outcomes in six months.