During the 1990s SYC ran an innovative fundraising initiative called the Equal Opportunity Charity Quest. Supporters were invited to raise money for critical services to support young people in crisis and compete with other fundraisers for a number of prizes. It cost $50 to enter, and participants needed to raise at least $750 to become a finalist.

Participants created different fundraising activities in the community in order to raise money. Each year a gala event was held to celebrate the hard work of entrants and announce the overall winners of the quest. Hosted by Adelaide media identity Rob Kelvin, the event attracted many sponsors who provided great prizes to encourage people to raise more money for the cause. (see photos down the page)

One of the most notable events developed for the quest was ‘Who Dares Swims’ by the Loonie Icebergers. The group got their name from spending winter mornings going for a dip in the freezing water at Somerton Beach in SA, something they did for over 20 years.

The group decided to turn their activity into a fundraiser for SYC by inviting the public to participate in a chilly morning swim on the Winter Solstice – the shortest day of the year. Participants each raised money by securing sponsors as encouragement for them to participate. The event ran successfully for a number of years and always drew attention from the local media.

In 1994, more than 150 people braved the icy water at sunrise all in the name of a good cause, raising close to $2000.

Please enjoy the selection of photos from the Equal Opportunities Charity Quest gala events.