In October 1974, SYC hosted one of its most ambitious fundraising ventures to date, South Australia’s first ever open air rock concert ‘Ridgetop Festival’.

The concert was held in Upper Hermitage and featured 1970’s rock sensation ‘Daddy Cool’ and other popular acts to attract a crowd of young music lovers to the rural location.

It was organised by young people from SYC and Jumbucks (Youth Auxiliary of the Animal Welfare), with minimal adult input, and funding was provided by the Savings Bank of South Australia.

The young organising committee prepared a promotional newspaper and radio campaign in the lead up to the event and organised logistics of the day including fencing, stages and amenities, food and drinks, ticketing, security personnel and busses for transportation. Volunteer teams were rostered as car parking attendants, gate keepers, food and drink sellers, runners, medical personnel, and hosts of an onsite discussion group/counselling tent.

Unfortunately the event received bad publicity in its lead up which reduced expected attendees from 7000 to 1000, making it not a financial success, but in other areas the day proved to be very successful. This included the organisation and management skills gained by the young people, SYC being able to join with community groups and stakeholders and ultimately the harmonious congregation of young attendees enjoying the natural surroundings and amazing music on the day.

Check out some footage of Daddy Cool at Ridgetop here: