For over a decade, SYC has provided Alternative Learning services, supporting young people to return to school, re-engage with learning and transition to further education or employment. Alternative learning services are provided in two learning environments—one in Adelaide’s East (Studio East), and the other in Adelaide’s West (Studio West). 

In the 2021-22 Financial Year…

98 SACE and other accredited course completions 

35% of young people reported having experiencing mental ill-health

7 in 10 young people reported that the support provided to them had been either important or very important

At Studio West, staff focus on creating a space where each student can feel safe and supported with a timetable of activities and programs centred on wellbeing, resilience, life skills and employability. In the Studio West classroom, registered teachers work alongside SYC Case Managers with experience in social work and psychology, collaborating to provide young people with a safe setting to expand their skills, confidence and ability to set goals for the future.  

Jessica* had been a student in the Alternative Learning program for several years. She was first referred to Studio West to attend classes, but experienced difficulties engaging and moved to one-on-one Case Management support.  

Jessica’s Studio West Case Manager worked alongside her to create a plan centred on her needs and was sensitive to the barriers that impacted Jessica’s ability to engage with her education. Together they set out a plan that identified Jessica’s goals and the steps she could take to achieve them.  

Having a plan in place, clear aspirations and guidance saw Jessica begin to regularly attend her appointments with her Case Manager, building a positive relationship and a foundation for Jessica’s confidence to grow.  

Jessica said the support she’s received has helped her find opportunities and work towards her goals. She has already achieved several of these goals, including getting her Learner’s permit, starting a part-time job, completing a First Aid course and making new friends.  

Having experienced greater confidence and self-esteem, Jessica has a better idea of what the future may hold and has applied to complete a qualification in Aged Care Support next year. Jessica’s Case Manager says, 

“Jessica has shown great courage and determination to achieve her goals; I’ve enjoyed working alongside her and think it is wonderful to see how her success has impacted her mental well-being and future outlook in such as positive way.” 

Young person reading in a shared library space

*Psyudomym used