Juan at his new job in Warehouse

He was living in insecure housing and lacked self-confidence. Juan and his Coach would meet weekly in a local Spanish Café, where they worked on his employability skills utilising the Sticking Together Project tools. Juan always showed great reliability, honesty, and a willingness to move forward to make his life in Australia enjoyable and fulfilling.

As a result, it didn’t take Juan long to find employment, commencing with a well-known local employer as a Warehouse Operator in May.

Juan is now working full-time with this employer and has recently been able to afford a trip back to Chile to see his family. He has secured accommodation, increased his confidence, self-esteem and communication skills. He also shows greater motivation, routine and purpose. Juan says that his overall happiness is better and has increased his connections and relationships within his local community.

Five months on, Juan still looks forward to his catch-ups with his Coach and has even asked for her assistance at work when he needs support with his English.

Juan’s employer only has great feedback to give about him and has said that Juan’s soft employment skills, such as working in a team, understanding workplace safety, time management, and communication have greatly improved since he commenced work with them.