A research-driven employment youth solution, the Sticking Together Project pairs young job seekers with a dedicated Coach to give them the best chance of success when getting started and sticking with employment.

Coaches work with young people to build skills and help them access opportunities. They also act as a mentor and focus on areas like self-esteem and communication. Having a Coach’s support can make a big difference in developing a young person’s confidence as they tackle the job market.

Participant Stories:


Jayden and his Sticking Together Coach James have been working together for eight months. In this time, Jayden has developed both the skills and experience he needs to tackle some of the barriers surrounding youth employment. Showing great perseverance, Jayden has now achieved both self-confidence and a sustainable career pathway. Read more.


“Anne started with the Sticking Together Project on the 1st of April after 62 weeks registered with Centrelink. When I met Anne, they were feeling very anxious about the little employment they were getting and had felt anxious and fearful about going to work due to issues with the manager.” Read more.

Follow the journey of the first young people to participate in our Sticking Together Project. Watch the web series here.

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This program is supported by Jobs Victoria. Helping Victoria get back to work.