For 21 year old HYPA client, Stacey, gaining her driver’s licence was like finding her wings of independence.

Stacey was one of those young people who didn’t have access to a fully licenced adult who had a car and who could supervise her driving for 75 hours so that she could get her Provisional licence. This is a common problem for many young people, one that our Geared2Drive program is designed to address.

The Geared2Drive program gives young people like Stacey the opportunity to get their driver’s licence, something that otherwise would be extremely difficult if not nigh on impossible. It does this by making cars and trained volunteer drivers available to eligible young people, made possible by the support of program sponsors, EPAC Salary Solutions and Smith’s Holden.

A driver’s licence opens many doors for young people. It gives them greater access to employment, accommodation and to their family and friends. Therefore not being able to gain their licence can prove to be a significant barrier to them getting their lives on track in the most positive manner.

This was the situation for Stacey. Being unlicenced meant her opportunities for work were limited and moving house was logistically very difficult.

She was referred to HYPA as a Geared2Drive candidate, and she now has sufficient independence to visit her grandmother in regional Victoria, something she had not been able to do for a long time.

Stacey was also able to substantially improve her weekly income after acquiring her driver’s licence and gaining access to a car (a gift from her Grandmother).

“Gaining my licence has given me so much more flexibility in life. I have greater opportunities and access to new things” Stacey said.

“The Geared2Drive volunteer driver trainers were friendly and kind and I was overwhelmed that they would give up their time to support me gain my licence. Geared2Drive is terrific!”

For more information or to make or discuss a referral, visit or email  Alternatively if you are interested in volunteering your time to the Geared2Drive program please contact or call 08 8244 1299.