During his time in Queensland, Seth had a close call with the law but was eager not to repeat those decisions. After moving to New South Wales, Seth settled in Oak Flats with his girlfriend who is currently completing her nursing degree.  Seth is new to the area and enjoys sports and going to the gym.  He takes care of his physical appearance and understands the importance of being healthy, exercises regularly and eats well.

Seth has completed a range of qualifications, but like many of the young people supported by the Sticking Together Project, he is unsure of what he wants to do in the future. He currently holds Traffic Control qualifications and a White Card and explored a carpentry apprenticeship, but is now re-evaluating his options after a negative experience.

Importantly, Seth is prepared to get out there and give it all a go. This attitude has helped him to gain work as a sales assistant at the Shaver Shop store in Shellharbour. Seth approached the store directly and, through a combination of his positive, confident personality and a well-crafted resume, he made a strong impression on Sharon, the Store Manager.

Seth commenced working only a few short shifts per week, but his impressive performance so far has seen his hours increase. He has also been given more responsibilities, such as opening and closing the store. He is enjoying working at the Shaver Shop and is looking forward to continuing to build his connection to work.