Learner Support Services (LSS) is an individualised support service that helps students successfully complete their training and transition to employment.

Support can be provided for a wide range of issues that students may be facing, including challenges related to family, domestic violence, housing, interactions with the justice system, financial stress, mental health and disability, study skills, in-class assistance, transitioning to an adult learning environment, and post-study employment support for up to 3 months.

How we work with students


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How we work with students

Learner Support Services are a one-on-one support service for people facing challenges with their studies.

Your training provider can connect you with a Learner Support Services case manager. They will help you tackle life issues, build your study skills, connect you with support services in your community or help you decide on your next steps once you finish your training.

Information for Registered Training Organisations

Students can be referred (or can self-refer at any time) to an LSS provider for free one-on-one support if they face complex personal and learning support needs beyond the training provider's capacity.

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Students facing significant barriers to completing their training or falling behind or at risk of withdrawing from training are the focus of LSS services.

To be eligible, students must be enrolled in a qualification listed on the South Australian STL, including apprentices and trainees, school-enrolled students undertaking subsidised VET, and fee-for-service students in classes with subsidised students.

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Students must also:
- Have complex support needs that require individualised support beyond the normal support an NTO is expected to provide and

-Their support needs impact their ability to sustain participation or complete their qualification

Supports can be provided through LSS for any issue that may impact a student's ability to stay in training and successfully complete their course.

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