Flexible Learning Options (FLO) is a case management program aimed at young people at risk of leaving school early or disengaging from school without completing Year 12 or its vocational equivalent. SYC offers both generalist and specialist case management alongside Alternative Learning programs.

Funded by the South Australian Department for Education, Flexible Learning Options supports students to complete their education and overcome barriers to achieving their education through weekly case management. FLO is free to participants referred to the program through their secondary or high school enrolment.

Case Management


Alternative Learning


Student Support


Case Management

What's the difference between SYC's Generalist and Specialist Flexible Learning Options (FLO) Case Management ?

Generalist FLO Case Management: This is aimed at young people with complex barriers to education. Young people in Generalist FLO are classified as significantly disengaged from education. Young people meet with their Case Manager one hour weekly to work towards their learning goals.

Specialist FLO Case Management: This is aimed at young people with high and complex educational barriers. These students, therefore, require more intensive case management support.

Young people in FLO Specialist may be linked to other Homelessness or Youth Justice programs and may present with severe anxiety, depression, or mental health issues. Young people are supported by their Case Manager, usually for two hours per week.

Alternative Learning

Delivered from Studio East, Studio West and our Education & Training Hub

Our teachers deliver the Essential SACE subjects. Additional subjects can be added based on teaching capacity and students' needs or interests.

Our Alternative Learning Studios adopt a unique trauma-informed approach, promoting resilience and student engagement while nurturing a sense of belonging. These studios deliver an ACARA and SACE-based learning program focusing on students' character strengths, personal values, and individual learning styles. Tailored literacy and numeracy programs are offered alongside interest-specific learning opportunities to enhance skills and support future career paths. Utilising the PERMA+ dashboard, our programs foster individualised learning experiences by introducing PERMA's core elements, contributing to academic success and overall wellbeing.

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Student Support 

Learning Pathways:

We provide guidance in discovering, preparing, and navigating further education opportunities, including TAFE and other private Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).

Career Pathways:

Our support includes crafting resumes and cover letters for employment opportunities and preparing students for traineeships and apprenticeships.

Referral Pathways:

We connect you with vital information and resources from community support organisations, assisting with mental and physical health, housing, and home life.

Flexible Appointments:

Meet regularly in a safe, comfortable space at our office, or arrange appointments at your home if needed.

Education Support:

We offer assistance for re-engaging in studies to complete the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE).

Our team

Our team is deeply dedicated to empowering young people to achieve their utmost potential. Our Case Managers and Alternative Learning experts hold diverse qualifications in mental health, education, community services, and psychology, ensuring a comprehensive skill set to support our students effectively. Collaborating closely, our team designs tailored support and pathways for every FLO student.

Regular training in Mental Health First Aid and Child Safe Environments keeps our teachers and case managers up-to-date, ensuring high-quality delivery and best practices.

Eligibility and Enrolment

Young people are eligible for FLO if they're:

  • Enrolled in a SA government school
  • From year eight up to the age of 21
  • Experiencing ongoing attendance concerns.

To find out more about eligibility and how to enrol a young person in an FLO enrolment, contact your school or email [email protected].

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Contact the Flexible Learning Options team

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