We were thrilled to host Minister for Employment, Senator Michaelia Cash, and Nicolle Flint Member for Boothby at our Marion site recently to speak about our new youth employment pilot program, The Sticking Together Project.

The pilot officially kicked off in January this year with 50 young jobseekers in Adelaide and 50 in Western Melbourne. The Federal Government committed $750,000 towards the pilot in late 2016 which significantly expanded the program outside of the original Melbourne location. Additional funding was supplied by South Australia’s Wyatt Foundation and the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation in Victoria.

The average number of weeks the 100 young people involved have been unemployed is 109, which means their experience with the world of work is very limited. This makes trying to secure work and maintaining employment significantly challenging.

The project provides participants with a dedicated work coach who helps bridge the gap between the young person and the employer, while also coaching them on employability skills, goal setting and expectations in the workplace.

Project Manager, Andrew Reilly said The Sticking Together Project is an innovative approach to youth unemployment, with the aim of helping young people to ‘stick’ in work.

“National youth unemployment is persistently high – double the adult rate for young people under 25 years of age who are often lower skilled and exposed to more precarious jobs.

“Lack of supports for new, young employees to adapt to the workplace and sustain work, plus insufficient supports for employers to manage them, are primary reasons for poor job retention.

“At its core the Sticking Together Project is a coaching service designed to build high levels of rapport between young people, their coach, and their employer – a formula to increase the likelihood of any young person maintaining employment,” he said.


Senator Cash at a round table discussion Minister Cash and Nicolle Flint where able to speak with the Sticking Together participants about their experience with the program over the past 14 weeks, securing and maintaining employment with the support of their Coach. Even though the program is only just over a quarter of the way through, we are seeing very positive results. We will continue to speak with Government and employers about ways to scale the program at the conclusion of the pilot.