When Scott Whitmore enters a room, it is hard not to notice.

Not only is he extremely tall but his personality is also larger than life. These traits serve him well in his Business Development role at SYC.

Scott has been with the organisation since the early 2000 when he started as an employment consultant. When he was offered the job, he had multiple job offers in the employment services space. It was SYC’s history in working with young people and getting them on a positive path that interested him.
Fast forward 18 years, and he is still with SYC and said he is proud to see the organisation continually growing and diversifying.

“I’ve seen some massive changes in my time here including the increase in the amount of people we help and the amount of people we now have working here.

“However, some things remain the same. Our focus on getting people into work and making sure they stay there is something that has not changed.

“It’s hard to keep track of everything SYC does now, but it’s really exciting to see things like the expansion of the Sticking Together Project into NSW and the work we are doing in the Justice system. We keep getting bigger and bigger,” he said.

Over his 18 years, he has had many roles in the company including time as a Site Manager and General Manager, but he has always come back to Business Development. His key strengths certainly lie in building rapport and relationships.

It was because of these skills that he also spent some time in a fundraising and partnership-building role for HYPA. From organising Bingo and Quiz events to running lotteries and building an amazing donor base.

One of his proudest achievements during this time was the refurbishment of one of the HYPA Housing complexes.

This resulted from a grant he wrote and collaboration with some community organsations. Through the project, the team upgraded kitchens, landscaped the gardens, painted and renovated the apartments.

He, still to this day, champions support of the homelessness services in the organisation. Most recently, he has been driving donations from staff to ensure the freezer in HYPA’s Trace-A-Place is topped up with frozen meals regularly. This ensures young people in crisis have access to a hot meal.

Scott is genuinely proud to work for SYC and to be part of its history. He said he is happy to see more and more recognition for the important work the company does.

“Seeing our reputation and standing in the marketplace grow from strength to strength is something I’m proud of. It has allowed us to move into other states and expand things like our Disability Employment Services program.

“A testament to any organisation is when you refer family and friends to job ads with the organisation and I can truly say that SYC is a great place to work,” Scott said.

Scott also can’t get enough of receiving donation cheques, pulling faces and ribbon cutting ceremonies: