After struggling to find stable employment in Adelaide for a long time, Job Seeker Sang decided to take a short trip to Melbourne to see if he could find work. After the trip proved unsuccessful he returned home to find that all his belongings had been thrown out and he was essentially homeless. Feeling like he had nowhere to go and no-one that could help, he ended up sleeping in his car for the night.

The next day Sang attended his scheduled appointment with his Employment Consultant Jodie at Job Prospects Salisbury. Visibly distressed, he opened up about what had happened. Jodie was able to organise immediate assistance with food and emergency accommodation, and connect him with relevant services to help with his longer term needs.

Jodie said that while she was trying to sort out some immediate support for Sang, she mentioned there were multiple job trials happening the next day, including one with Pepper’s Truck Wash.

“I told Sang that the opportunity could lead to more stability and the ability to support himself.

“He was very hesitant to accept the job trial due to the events that had just happened, but I managed to talk him around and convince him to just give it a go,” she said.

Jodie was unsure whether Sang would turn up on the day, but despite the challenges he was dealing with in his personal life he turned up on time and gave the trial his best. After the trial, the Manager told Jodie that Sang was one of the best clients she had ever sent and that he was going to offer him an ongoing position.

Sang has now been working at the Truck Wash for a month and said he is very grateful for the help Jodie gave him to turn his life around.

“I now have secure accommodation where I am paying rent and I have a job that I enjoy.

“I have also reconnected with my family and I’m now seeing my daughter,” he said.

Job Prospects Salisbury Site Manager Samantha said Jodie didn’t give up until she found help for Sang and his story illustrates the importance of helping people pave their own path.

“Jodie phoned numerous places to get Sang immediate food and accommodation, she did not stop until she found something.

“This is exactly why we are here, to change people’s lives through employment and this is a prime example of how we do it,” she said.