In South Australia current legislation requires that Learners undertake 75 hours of supervised driving with a licenced adult as part of the requirement for getting their Provisional Licence.  But not all young people have access to an adult with whom they can fulfil the 75 hour supervised driving obligation and that’s where HYPA’s Geared2Drive program comes in.

Geared2Drive provides cars and volunteer supervising drivers so young people, who would otherwise be unable to get a licence, can complete the needed 75 hours of driving.  This then provides the young person with more freedom and opens up their access to work. A recent analysis of Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia data found that more than 60 per cent of unemployed people under the age of 25 do not hold a driver’s licence compared to 27 per cent of employed youth.

Each year we support 50 young people through the program with 10 young people completing their hours through Geared2Drive in the last year. Recently, Sakina, one of our Geared2Drive graduates, shared her experience of the program with ABC News.

“The jobs I was looking for was mostly out of the city, far away so was hard for me to get to — two buses,” Ms Jafari said. “I did get late a couple of times for my interview because of the timetable of the buses, it’s not reliable.

“I was looking for work so I started doing traineeships as a receptionist … I needed to get my Ps because every time I was looking for a job, they wanted me to have my licence.”

Sakina found out about Geared2Drive through her brother Adnon. Adnon was referred to the program through his work with the AFL’s Multicultural Ambassador program. The family fled Afghanistan, where car ownership is low, so neither of their parents could drive, making it almost impossible for Adnon and Sakina to learn and complete the 75 driving hours needed with a qualified driver.

“My father is a retired pensioner, 73 years old and he is not driving because he’s got eye problems and my mum is not well as well so she can’t drive,” she said.



The pair both successfully completed their 75 hours through the program and have their licence. Sakina is now undertaking volunteer work at SYC while she completes her Certificate III in Financial Services. She’s training in reception and administration work, but also plans to learn other areas of the business, including finance and HR to further boost her career prospects. With a licence and experience in hand she’s well prepared for the next phase of her journey to independence.

We’ve always got opportunities for young people and volunteers to join the program. If you are aged 16-25 and want to know whether Geared2Drive can help you contact and if you’re interested in volunteering for Geared2Drive contact