When we first met Russell, he had been registered as unemployed for almost four years. As a single dad, he found it hard to look for work and manage his family responsibilities. He also experienced low self-confidence and wasn’t eligible to hold a driver’s licence. which made travelling to interviews and work challenging.
During appointments at Job Prospects, Russell and his consultant Stephanie, worked on developing his resume and building his confidence through pre-employment training courses.

Russell didn’t have a lot of work history or formal experience to add to his resume. Stephanie encouraged him to think about what he liked to do in his spare time, and uncovered that he enjoyed gardening and often helped out friends with maintenance jobs around the house. He was able to update his resume to include these transferrable skills.

A local landscaping company was looking for someone to join their team and Stephanie put Russell’s resume forward, but he was apprehensive about attending an interview for the first time in several months. Stephanie helped him prepare the day before by researching the company and practicing interview techniques. She also organised to purchase some work clothes for his interview to help him make a great first impression and be dressed appropriately for the job.

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Russell came straight back to the Job Prospects office after his interview, excited to report that he had been offered the job.

He worked steadily for about 12 weeks before Stephanie noticed that his hours were becoming inconsistent. She spoke with Russell and his employer and found out that there weren’t enough hours available to keep Russell working full-time.

Stephanie was eager for Russell to maintain his motivation for work. She helped him update his resume with his recent experience and cold-called other landscaping businesses to see if anyone was looking to hire. One employer agreed to meet Russell and give him a short work trial.

Russell gave this opportunity his all. He impressed the new employer with his dedication and hard work and was offered a position. Since securing this new job, he has been working consistent, full-time hours, with occasional post-placement support from Stephanie. Russell has now been supporting himself without welfare payments for over 7 months.

Employment has not only given Russell the ability to support his family and be independent, but he has also had a great improvement in his self-confidence and motivation. The process wasn’t always easy, and he’s had a few setbacks, but with Stephanie’s support, he was able to persevere