RentRight SA is a free and independent service that supports people of all ages to secure and maintain tenancies in private rental, community or public housing. RentRight SA employs experienced Tenancy Advisors who provide advocacy, advice and support to people living in South Australia, including first-time renters, long-term tenants, and people experiencing housing insecurity or homelessness.

In the 2021-22 Financial Year…

66% of enquiries were from people identifying as female

1 in 4 enquiries were from people aged over 50

50 education sessions were provided

42 average calls a day to RentRight SA’s Tenancy Advisors

RentRight SA commenced in October 2020 and has operated throughout the rental crisis, which saw record calls to the service in early 2022. In the 2021-22 Financial Year, close to 1 in 10 enquiries were from young people aged under 25.

Young people face specific challenges in accessing and securing rental properties, including affordability, lack of rental history, inexperience, age-based discrimination, and power imbalances when attempting to access the private rental market. RentRight SA offers a service tailored to helping young people through the process of renting for the first time.

RentRight SA’s Youth Tenancy Advisors work with young people aged 17-25 to guide them through the process of identifying the right accommodation for their needs, understanding the different housing options available, clarifying tenant rights and responsibilities, and applying for rentals. Navigating the private rental market can be overwhelming and confusing, as discussed by a Youth Tenancy Advisor:

“The private rental market is extremely difficult for young people, it’s confusing, inconsistent, and extremely difficult to access for those with limited incomes and rental histories. COVID has led to changes in application processes, there are different online portals with different requirements, and there are identification and reference requirements. It’s a real challenge for young people and they often don’t even get a look-in.”

Joanne* first contacted RentRight SA after unsuccessfully trying to secure her first rental. Like many other young people looking to secure a private rental property, Joanne had submitted several unsuccessful applications and wasn’t having any success.

RentRight SA’s Youth Tenancy Advisors were able to work with Joanne, providing her with support and advice on the application process. Joanne says of her experience with RentRight SA:

“As someone looking to enter the rental market as a tenant, RentRight was a really important stepping stone to me securing a property. They provided me with advice above and beyond what I would have expected (or even thought to ask) and touched base with me regularly to see how the process was going. This service is incredibly worthwhile for first time renters to ensure they cover all their bases throughout the application and move in process. I’ll be contacting them for advice for any future disputes or issues I have whilst renting also.”

Young person sitting on their bed while studying.

*Pseudonym used