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Today Simon Royal is a respected South Australian journalist working for the ABC, but back in 1982 his first paid employment was creating SYC’s Rental Kit to educate young people entering the rental market for the first time.

Simon was volunteering at Trace-A-Place when the position came up and as he had recently graduated from a communication’s degree and enjoyed the ethos and culture of SYC, he was very excited to be offered the role.

“Creating the Rental Kit was such an enjoyable project as I had to really think outside the square and research the most effective means to help young tenants on low incomes, which was very relevant as I too was a young person at the time,” Simon said.

“Through volunteering with Trace A Place I became familiar with the struggles a lot of young people were having with unemployment, high living costs and not knowing the first thing about renting a property, so I just began talking to various people and researching effective options.”


The original Rental Kit was broken up into the following seven sections:

Although the Rental Kit has transformed since its creation 36 years ago, its core philosophy to support young people to become independent and sustain successful tenancy arrangements has not wavered.

Simon is one of hundreds of volunteers who has supported SYC over its 60 years and we are excited to have been part of his journey and positively influence his career path also.

“My time with SYC was such a positive, enjoyable experience and was fundamental in guiding my career into Journalism. I don’t know where I would be today if I hadn’t had the opportunity,” Simon Said.