Working Together: Partnerships strengthen the work of SYC

Even though SYC has been in Adelaide since 1958, our work in the HYPA division was still, relatively unknown in 2016. To increase public awareness and support of the work that SYC does with young people, it was time for the #TwoFeet campaign to take another step.

In September 2016 we drew great attention in Light Square by creating the world’s largest human image of a foot, breaking the previous GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title.

The record required more than 260 people to gather together in the shape of a foot, toes and all, and stay in that formation for 5 minutes. HYPA managed to get 313 supporters to help break the record, claim the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title and raise awareness for HYPA’s #TwoFeet fundraising campaign.
The #TwoFeet campaign represents HYPA’s core purpose; helping young people gain independence and stand on their own #TwoFeet.


This event was no easy feat, though! A staff project team spent almost 12 months designing and planning the attempt. They were then joined by 13 volunteers and an event intern to set up the event space, organise food trucks, mark the foot outline and collect official evidence. SYC also partnered with NOVA 919 Ambassador Shane Lowe to help draw the crowd and raise awareness for HYPA.


GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Official Adjudicator, Pete Fairbairn, who trained for his role in London, was also in attendance. He oversaw the collection of ticket stubs, the timing of the record, the quality of the foot shape and the matching t-shirts worn.

Paul Edginton, CEO, said he was thrilled to see 313 people get together in support of the campaign and help break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title.
“The atmosphere was vibrant, fun and inclusive. We are so grateful for everyone’s support” Mr Edginton said.