Our Reconciliation Action Plan

We know from our work with people and communities in need, that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experience a disproportionate level of social and economic disadvantage. This Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is our formal commitment to closing the gap to improve opportunities and life outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We will deliver this by our ability to create employment and education opportunities in all the communities we work in.

We have a dedicated Reconciliation Action Working Group (RAWG) which has representatives from across the organisation and includes members who identify as First Nations people. Through this group, our senior leaders and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff collective, we intend to build upon the initiatives listed in this plan to continue our reconciliation journey. We expect our employees and the broader community to take the time to learn the colonisation story of Australia and deeply understand the impact that the events of the past have caused Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in relation to their cultures, connection to the environment, livelihood, community, kinships and families.

We want to move beyond acknowledgement of the traumatic histories and suffering of First Nations peoples to a united Australia that values and respects the cultural connection and generations of connectivity and understanding of our lands. Taking every opportunity to build the capacity and sustainability of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.