Training Prospects’ new Trade School in Brisbane got the thumbs up from its first group of students, who undertook the first Backflow training program in early August. 

The new school has been set up in a 144 sq m space within the Construction Training Centre, a resource hub for the building and construction industry in Salisbury, Brisbane, and provides Training Prospects’ students with state of the art facilities in which to learn new and additional skills to complement their Plumbing, Carpentry, Bricklaying, Painting & Decorating and Roof Plumbing trades training and qualifications.

Training Prospects is a leading provider of Trades training in South Australia and has extensive facilities at its base in Elizabeth which enable real-life type opportunities for students to apply their learnings practically in a safe and supervised manner.  The Brisbane facility has been set up to replicate those facilities and provide the same opportunities for apprentices and trainees in Queensland.

Training Prospects General Manager – Business Development, Lou Sapio, said that the first course went off without a hitch, with students appreciating the new facilities and the high quality training they received from trainer, Stuart Richardson.

“We had great feedback from the students and the facility worked really well, we’re very pleased to be able to offer these facilities to our Queensland students” he said.

According to one student, Stuart was a “legend”, a sentiment other students also echoed:

“The course helped me to refine my skills and knowledge of BPDs.  The lecturer was good and they (Training Prospects) were good people to deal with, thanks guys” – Tom

“The course went very well and the lecturer explained things in plain and simple language, I have learned so much and it will surely improve my skills” Richard

“Enjoyed the course, Stuart was great” – Matt

“Very great job, Stuart is a legend” – Michael

Training Prospects is looking forward to making full use of these great new facilities in Brisbane with many more students in the coming months and years.  For more information on courses provided, please contact Lou Sapio on 0439 032 304 or