Mr Edginton said he is proud of his long association with SYC and immensely grateful for the opportunities that SYC, its board, its staff and its supporters have given him to learn and to lead.

“Those who know me, know I am a fierce advocate for the work of SYC and the people we help. I have been equally dedicated to ensuring SYC is in a position, as an organisation, to have enough resources to be sustainable and invest in delivering the best practice and outcomes.

“In 2020 SYC has enjoyed the best results on record in all aspects of its performance measures – and with SYC in great shape, it felt the right time for me to say, ‘it’s time for a new challenge’.

“SYC is now at the top of its game and it is ready for a new set of eyes. It has a very talented and dedicated leadership team who will ensure the success of the organisation will continue well into the future.

“In 2018 I was awarded Lifetime Supporter status at SYC and I shall remain exactly that – a lifetime supporter.” Mr Edginton said.

Paul Edginton (right) was presented his Lifetime Supporter award by David Hallett (left) in 2018.


SYC Chair, David Hallett said Paul always had a strong vision to grow the organisation in capacity, scale and location across multiple fields to become a leading contributor in the not-for-profit sector.

“On behalf of the SYC Board we want to thank Paul Edginton for his outstanding leadership of the organisation for the past 18 years,” Mr. Hallett said.

“Under Paul’s leadership the organisation has grown from being a small incorporated charity to a respected national not-for-profit. The number of people we help each year has grown from 2,000 to nearly 60,000. It has grown from 100 employees to 500 plus employees, it’s gone from six offices to more than 50 sites nationally.

“Paul will be leaving some big shoes to fill, but as an SYC Lifetime Supporter we know that he will always be a part of the organisation,” Mr. Hallett said.

Paul Edginton (second from left) with fellow Executives Simon Matthews (left), Liz O'Connell and Mark Hoffman-Davis.

Celebrating 10 years of operations in Victoria. Paul Edginton (second from left) with fellow Executives Simon Matthews (left), Liz O’Connell and Mark Hoffman-Davis.